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Essays | TG Grantees 2014

In order to promote the critical reflection on the art system, and particularly on the relationships contemporary art galleries have with the multiplicity of agents they are professionally involved with on a daily…


Video: “Looking to the future. A prospective & proactive summary ” by Georgina Adam

At the end of the symposium, Georgina Adam summed up the two days in a presentation which condensed and reviewed the important points that the speakers and participants had explored over the two…


Video: “How to make communications more effective and your message heard in the crowd” | Panel discussion

Importance of arriving to your audience, learning strategies to filter information and cutting across the noise The art world has undergone tremendous changes over the past 10 years, most of which driven by…

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Video: “New Roles in the Art Market” | Panel discussion

Gallery Perspective: How Curators, Art Advisors, Investors and Art Funds have impacted the marketplace Art galleries have been the primary generators of artists’ exhibitions and sales, but in the current environment art is…


Video: “Africa, the newest entrant to market” by Mark Coetzee

While the debates rages on if one can even consider African Contemporary Art as a lexicon without falling trap to the homogenization of culture—the contemporary art industry in Africa is booming. New museums…


Video: “What do artists want from their galleries?” | Panel discussion

The ecology of the global art world is changing. Auction houses have moved deep into the primary market. Art fairs have exploded. Social media and the web have become platforms for serious promotion,…

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