Open Conversations
19 May 2017
Centre Pompidou, Paris

A partnership between Talking Galleries and CHOICES Paris Gallery Weekend


New Ways of Collecting

What does it mean to be a collector in the 21st century? How to collect contemporary art? Is it possible to collect without possessing? Contemporary art practices are shaping new ways of collecting.

It is no longer just about the acquisition and accumulation of objects, but also about participation in the art production process, which goes beyond the mere heritage of the artistic object. The collector of contemporary art ceases to be simply a buyer to become an active actor who contributes to the art scene, be it by providing material to the artists, intervening in the production or supporting its circulation. Collectors’ actions may also imply a new role for galleries and art institutions. In such context, what role should galleries assume? As key actors that manage artists’ careers, galleries are at the forefront of the art ecosystem and their task is decisive in the production, promotion and display of art nowadays.

The Open Conversations programme aims at reflecting on the ways of collecting contemporary art today and their impact on the different actors involved in the art world. In doing so, it seeks to contribute to rethinking how galleries are positioned at the centre of this debate. The sessions are intended to bring together the viewpoints of galleries, collectors, artists and institutions, in order to offer a broad insight on collecting from different positions.

The full programme of Open Conversations will be announced very soon.

Programme Schedule

10.00-10.45h | Registration
10.45-11.00h | Welcome speeches
11.00-12.30h | Opening session | “Going Beyond the Collection: How to Approach the Future of Collecting”
12.30-14.30h | Lunch break
14.45-16.15h  | Panel discussion 1 | “Fostering Creation: the Key Role of Collectors”
16.30-18.00h | Panel discussion 2 | “Working Hand in Hand: New Collaborations Between the Collector, the Gallerist and the Artist”

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