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In order to promote the critical reflection on the art system, and particularly on the relationships contemporary art galleries have with the multiplicity of agents they are professionally involved with on a daily basis, Talking Galleries offered 6 grants for MA students and PhD candidates from different universities.  The symposium covered their registration fees and in return, the grant holders have written critical essays on the topics of their interest. They have particularly focused on issues such as the loyalty and relationships between artists and galleries, the role of contemporary art galleries as research centers and not only as exhibition spaces, the tensions on identity politics and regional art markets and the art practice as products in the context of its global commercialism. The following 6 essays may contribute to enrich the debates started at the symposium.


Captura de pantalla 2014-10-29 a la(s) 08.33.26Eva Marín

Entre la Fidelidad y la Precariedad (Spanish)

Catalan visual artist. She studied Fine Arts at University of Barcelona and at University of West of England in Bristol. Eva holds a MA in Production & Artistic Research at the UB and is currently working on her Phd thesis “The controversial in between the institutionalized landscape and the invisible landscape”. She coordinated the “Ist International Symposium Invisible Topographies: critical strategies between Art and Geography” at UB. She has worked as digital consultant and taught web marketing strategies at Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. 


Mariella Franzoni - Talking Galleries

Mariella Franzoni 

Identity Politics and the Contemporary Art Market in South Africa (English)

Mariella studied cultural anthropology and ethnography, specialised in visual studies and contemporary art. She is a PhD candidate in Humanities at University Pompeu Fabra with a research project focused on the interplay between anthropology and curatorial practice in contemporary art and is carrying out a long term research stay in South Africa as a guest researcher. She co-coordinates the platform Global Visual Cultures and is co-founder of the curatorial collective Principio Activo Colectivo.


Captura de pantalla 2014-10-29 a la(s) 08.48.30Olga Sureda Guasch

Las Galerías, incubadoras de arte  (Spanish)

Independent curator, writer and cultural manager. She graduated in Fine Arts at University of Barcelona and holds a MA degree in Management and Design of Exhibitions by the European University of Madrid. She has attended seminars and residencies at Independent Curators International, the Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, Salzburg and Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin. She is part of the research group Global Art Archive, coordinates the seminar ON MEDIATION, and works at ADN Galeria.


jhon aguasacoJhon Aguasaco

El Arte como Producto (Spanish) 

Visual artist based in Barcelona. He holds a MA degree in Fine Arts (University of Barcelona) and is currently a PhD candidate in Art Production. His work includes sculpture, photography and video installations and are conceived as expressions of memories, ideas, feelings and words as mechanisms of representation, revealing fissures in both society and art. In 2008 he received the Fernando Botero Award. In 2010 he was awarded an honorary mention in the 17 Bienal Internacional de arte de Santa Cruz. His work has been showcased in the Americas, Asia and Europe.


DSC02128José Tomás Giraldo

The knowledge of the privately-owned art gallery (English)

Conceptual artist who works in photography, exhibition making, drawing and writing. His practice addresses moments that are influential to the collective memory of the places he inhabits. He has collaborated in the constitution of art exhibition and research spaces in Bogotá and in Cali. He currently lives in Sweden and is taking part of the Masters in Fine Arts in Critical Studies at Malmö Art Academy. Since 1999 his work has been exhibited in Colombia, United States, Canada, Sweden and Denmark. 


Captura de pantalla 2014-10-29 a la(s) 08.32.10

Víctor Valentín Puerto

El Arte y el Huevo de Chocolate (Spanish)

Teacher and visual artist. He is a PhD candidate in Artistic Production at University of Barcelona with a research focused on “Art in the Digital Era”. Since 1999 he has been teaching “Project Methods” in the “Arts and Design Degree” at Escola Massana Barcelona. His practice aims to find strategies to promote urban revitalization by replacing the figure of the artist with the “initiator”, in the same way as “implementation” substitutes the author production. His work is an attempt to get a greater emancipation of individuals in order to produce shared places. 






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