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Talking Galleries is the international think tank dedicated to generating debate and knowledge in the field of art galleries and the art market.

Talking Galleries was founded by Llucià Homs in Barcelona in 2011. It took the form of a symposium wherein leaders from across the international art world would convene for two days to talk about the most pressing issues facing the industry, specifically the gallery sector.

Thanks to the increasing interest to the topic and format, Talking Galleries entered international scene and now organises talks and conferences in global art capitals such as Paris, Madrid, London, and New York. Among its latest international events are TG Paris 2018, TG Seoul 2018 and TG Berlin 2015.

Talking Galleries has expanded its scope too, launching a publishing component, collaborating with other organizations on ambitious projects, and, most recently, developing an educational initiative.

Talking Galleries stands for the knowledge sharing, thus, the videos of the past events and the notebooks with the transcripts are available to anyone for free.


Debats, Comunitat, Coneixement


Talking Galleries és un think tank internacional dedicat a generar debat i coneixement al voltant de les galeries i el mercat de l’art. 

Les figures més destacades del món de l’art i dels professionals de l’art es reuneixen per debatre i intercanviar idees sobre noves tendències i qüestions específiques del sector de la galeria d’art, en un entorn ideal per a la investigació i per compartir coneixements. 

Fundat al 2011 per Llucià Homs i amb seu a Barcelona, produeix continguts rellevants entorn a la professió del galerisme mitjançant simposis internacionals, publicacions, un canal de vídeo en línia i un programa de formació.

També organitza xerrades i conferències en capitals d’art com París, Madrid, Londres o Nova York, on ha desenvolupat una xarxa de socis locals.


TG2014Talking Galleries / Berlin at the abc. 'The Added Value of Working Alongside a Gallery' - Chris Dercon & Harald Falckenberg. © Berlin Art Week 2015, Photo: Alexander Rentsch