Debates,  Community,  Knowledge

TALKING GALLERIES is an open platform for gallerists and art professionals to discuss and exchange ideas about new trends and issues specific to the art gallery sector.

Leading figures from the art world and art professionals are brought together to debate the subsequent impact of these changes, share and present experiences and re-think models, creating an ideal environment for investigation and sharing knowledge.

The platform stands for opening new ways of perceiving and developing the gallery practice, gathers a community of active people involved in the arts, and produces content on specific issues related to gallery practices through international symposiums, panels, debates and publications series, and keeps the website updated to the most recent developments on the sector.

TALKING GALLERIES provides the space and the channels for collaboration with other disciplines in order to open up the scope in which gallery behaviours are reviewed following the Open-Lab philosophy we stand up for.

We stage projects worldwide and are open to collaborations to make the platform more challenging. Join us at any of the TALKING GALLERIES projects!

TG2014Talking Galleries / Berlin at the abc. 'The Added Value of Working Alongside a Gallery' - Chris Dercon & Harald Falckenberg. © Berlin Art Week 2015, Photo: Alexander Rentsch