Think Tank | Latin America

at ARCOmadrid 2014


The rapid development of the art market in Latin America, has given birth to a significant number of art galleries which operate at different scales in the global art system. Many galleries are young, giving the possibility of experimenting with new models that might differ from the traditional ones inherited from Europe and The States, which for decades have become ‘the standard’.

To discuss some of the issues which are currently on the table in Latin America, TALKING GALLERIES held a think tank at ARCOmadrid Fair 2014 that also served to set the agenda and outline the contents towards a potential TALKING GALLERIES / LATIN AMERICA SYMPOSIUM to be held in the future.

The discussion focused on two questions: What are the values Latin American ​​art galleries provide to their system? What are the most pressing needs that galleries in Latin America face nowadays? Based on everyone’s expertise, it was identified the axes of a meeting that will surely help to professionalize the art galleries sector in the region.



Emilio Álvarez 
| co-founder of LOOP, co-director of Screen Projects, and founder of the Angels-Barcelona y Roomservice Design galleries (Barcelona)
Eduardo Brandao | director of Galería Vermelho (São Paulo)
Flaviana Bernardo | director of Galería Emma Thomas (São Paulo)
Carlos Duran | co-founder of LOOP, co-director of Screen Projects, Director of Galería Senda y Galería Espai2Nou2 (Barcelona)
Ana Leticia Fialho | Research Coordinator and Business intelligence Consultant for Latitude, Platform for Brazilian Galleries Abroad (São Paulo)
Gabriela Galerán Ball | Talking Galleries Project Manager (Barcelona)
María Paz Gaviria | Director of ArtBo (Bogotá)
Ignacio Liprandi, Founder and Director of Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo (Buenos Aires)
Mônica Novaes Esmanhotto | Executive Manager of Latitude, Platform for Brazilian Galleries Abroad (São Paulo)
Guilherme Simões de Assis | Founder of Galería SIM (Curitiba)
Conrado Uribe, Talking Galleries Contents Manager (Barcelona).

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