London Course

“How to Communicate Your Gallery”

8 April 2019
Delfina Foundation


An essential full-day course for practicing and emerging gallerists on communication strategies to better combine offline and online channels
What can communication strategies mean for art galleries? How should these develop a strategic marketing and communications plan? How do they identify and manage their key communication objectives: ‘tell our story’, engage audiences, raise awareness of artists and events, drive sales?
Communicating in the art world today encompasses many different activities and channels—press releases, website building, printed material, social media, online platforms, or social events—, how can galleries manage this range of tasks and roles given their, usually, limited staff, resources and time?
This day-long meeting will provide participants—gallery staff and art professionals at large—helpful advice and practical knowledge to expand their communication skills.
Speaker line up:
– Anna Brady, Art Market Editor, The Art Newspaper
– James Cahill, Associate Director, Sadie Coles HQ
– Saskia Clifford-Mobley, Head of Gallery Partnerships, Europe Middle East and Africa, Artsy
– Natalie Oleksy-Piekarski, Senior Archivist, Sadie Coles HQ
– Filipa Ramos, Art Writer and Editor in Chief, art agenda
– Cristina Ruiz, Editor at Large, The Art Newspaper
– Rebecca Taylor, Executive Vice President, FITZ & CO, London


10.00-10.15  | Welcome & Introduction

“Planning Communication Within the Gallery Practice”

James Cahill
, Associate Director, and Natalie Oleksy-Piekarski, Senior Archivist, Sadie Coles HQ
The team of Sadie Coles HQ, a leading gallery in the London art scene, will share their experience and advice on how to plan and execute an in-house gallery’s press and communication campaign.

“Journalist Question Time: the dos and don’ts of getting press coverage for your gallery”

Anna Brady
, Art Market Editor, The Art Newspaper, and Cristina Ruiz, Edtor at Large, The Art Newspaper
A sort of “clinic” with journalists, this conversational session aims to be a fruitful exchange about how to send a media release and contact journalists, how galleries can increase their chances of coverage, what is a good/bad press release, among other questions to be put forward openly.

13.00-14.00 | Lunch

“Art Writing—why, how, for whom?”

Filipa Ramos
, Art Writer and Editor in Chief, art agenda
Information is key, especially when considering contemporary art, which often comes with complex reading keys. This session will reflect on the importance on creating relevant, engaging and pleasurable reading experiences that bring art closer and generate empathy, thinking and passion.

“Digital Marketing for Galleries. Tips and strategies”

Saskia Clifford-Mobley
, Head of Gallery Partnerships, Europe Middle East and Africa, Artsy
Online presence has a potential to broaden a gallery’s geography and help it reach international collectors. How to plan a well-thought, integrated digital strategy to attract new audiences, cultivate relationship with potential collectors and drive new sales? This workshop will provide a general framework on digital strategies with some hands-on exercises.

“Developing and implementing a 360º Communications Strategy”

Rebecca Taylor
, Executive Vice President, FITZ & CO, London
To close up the day, this session will provide a broader approach about communicating in the art world, touching upon main features for a successful project promotion; what works and what does not work; innovative strategies for galleries, with a special focus on how to deal with social media and Instagram, while reviewing a few cases on how to put strategy into practice.

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