TG London Course

“How to Communicate Your Gallery”

8 April 2019
Delfina Foundation

An essential full-day course for practicing and emerging gallerists on communication strategies to better combine offline and online channels.

Following its desire to foster the sector’s professionalisation and the transfer of knowledge regarding gallery management, in fall 2018 Talking Galleries is launching an educational and training area specifically designed for practicing, emerging (and future) gallerists.

TG London Course will be the first of this new training programme, consisting of short and intensive courses and workshops, with a very specific subject matter and a practical approach.

Led by key industry experts, London’s one-day workshop “How to Communicate Your Gallery” will provide practical knowledge to expand your communication skills and to build up a better positioning of your project. It will guide you through the tools and techniques –both offline and online – to establish your voice and engage with a diverse audience.

Addressed to gallery staff and art professionals at large.

We will soon release full information about schedule, invited tutors and practical details.

We are proud to have the Delfina Foundation as our host venue.



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