The Barcelona Symposium 2020 on the media. 

La Vanguardia
“Los ‘millennials’ cambian las reglas de juego en el mercado del arte”
Teresa Sesé
21 Jan 2020
The Art Newspaper
“Millennials – monsters, or saviours of the market?”
Georgina Adam
29 Jan 2020
Financial Times
“The Art Market – Lowey hits the heights at Christie’s”

Melanie Gerlis
22 Jan 2020
Artnet News
“The Gray Market: Why Art Dealers Need to Focus on New Audiences or Risk Irrelevance (and Other Insights)”
Tim Schneider
27 Jan 2020

My Art Guides
“Highlights from the 8th Barcelona Symposium: an Interview with Elena Soboleva, Director of Online Sales at David Zwirner”

Mara Sartore
28 Jan 2020
“The Art Gallery Business Model Needs to Change – Let’s Discuss”
30 Jan 2020

El Temp de les Arts
Barcelona Symposium 2020, 8a edició de Talking Galleries”
Juan Naranjo
6 Feb 2020
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