Benedicta M. Badía

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Benedicta M Badia is an active cultural change agent, constantly engaging with artists, institutions, and art market systems worldwide. Seeks those at the forefront of developing innovative and impactful formulas for social change. Challenges the status quo through critical lenses, influencing collective thinking and foster societal change through art. Believes that the art ecosystem can play a crucial role in shaping social conventions and human behavior, thus making it a territory of public interest. Her engagement with the arts, including her art collecting practice has evolved into a personal statement in tension with the current political contexts. She is passionate about empowering those who are building bridges and celebrating differences by initiating conversations that demand attention. Highly engaged in developing strategies that challenge political and socio-economic status quo, identity formation, and concepts of patrimony, private property, which disrupt stereotypes, privilege, gender roles, and aesthetics givens.


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