Carles Guerra, Director, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona.
Ossian Ward, Head of Content, Lisson Gallery, London/New York/Milan
Jocelyn Wolff, Founder and Director, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris
Moderator: Sabrina Amrani, Founder and Director, Galería Sabrina Amrani, and President of Arte_Madrid

Monday Jan 16
16:30–18:00h | Panel Discussion

The curator, as a caretaker-like figure, once functioned solely within the museum, and as such, would often be in charge of overseeing a particular collection or display of artworks. In a move beyond the museum, curatorial practice has become a form of exhibition practice in contemporary culture, and the curator the figure who facilitates the mediation of artworks, objects and ideas through exhibitions—whether these take place in a museum, a gallery or an art institution, as well as in biennials, public artworks or commissions.

The aim of this panel discussion is to question or rethink the relevance of curating within a gallery project. In times when gallery teams are getting more specialised and include specific profiles (as the curator figure), what is the role of the gallerist nowadays? Should galleries adopt a curatorial position? How the curator position/function articulates within the frame of a commercial gallery? Is it possible to combine the business and commercial activity with a curated gallery programme?

These questions will be discussed with and through three different profiles: the gallerist-curator (Jocelyn Wolff), the in-house curator of a gallery (Ossian Ward), and an institutional curator (Carles Guerra).



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