Carles Casals

Carles Casals Casals studied economics for 5 years in a private school and made studies in the degree of Art History at the UNED. Co-founder of the art gallery L’Arcada de Blanes (Girona) in 1991 along with Lluis Pascual and Brown. He has participated in Art Fair Artexpo (1996-1997) and in Frankfurt (January 2015). He has been called several times to participate as a juror in various painting competitions. He has been attendee of Talking Galleries since 2011. Always linked to cultural, he was founder of the magazine Together (1974-1982), founder of Radio Tordera (1982), speaker until 1990. He has been organizer of a cycle of concerts in Tordera (1988-1989), and organizer and president of the series “Música a l’Esperança” from 1991 to this year.

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