The Barcelona Symposium 2019 on the media. 

artnet News
Tim Schneider
Here Are the 4 Major Conundrums That Will Define the Art Market of the Future, According to the Talking Galleries Symposium
29 Jan 2019
Le Quotidien de l’Art
À Talking Galleries, un check-up de la profession
28 Jan 2019
The Art Newspaper
Anny Shaw
Gallery representation dwindles for ‘established’ female artists, new research finds
25 Jan 2019
Toni Ribas
Només un terç dels artistes que exposen són dones
22 Jan 2019
La Vanguardia
Josep Playà Maset
El club masculino del arte
22 Jan 2019

Donwload our 2019  press releases here. 

Closing Press Release (31 Jan 2019)


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