TG Notebook #8


This book collects the key talks and panels that made up the programme of the 2020 edition of the Barcelona Symposium, the flagship event of this everevolving think tank for galleries. From 20th to 21st January 2020, the in-person two-day conference brought together leading experts and a diverse audience of art market professionals in a specialised context for exploring the peculiarities of “gallerism” at large.

CONTRIBUTORS: Georgina Adam, Joost Bosland, Matt Carey-Williams, Carolina Ciuti, Haro Cumbusyan, Mai Eldib, Till Fellrath, Alexander Forbes, Melanie Gerlis, Andrew Goldstein, Jal Hamad, Greg Hilty, Vilma Jukurte, Joe Kennedy, Kamiar Maleki, Jane Morris, Olivia Mull, Laura Pando Martínez, Sunny Rahbar, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Claudia Schachenmann, Kenny Schachter, Tim Schneider, Allan Schwartzman, Elena Soboleva and Sofie Van de Velde.

Published by TALKING GALLERIES 2021
English; 14,5 x 21 cm; 294 pages; 11 B/W images; Softcover


Table of Contents

“Young Money: Understanding Millennial Collectors”
Alexander Forbes, Joe Kennedy, Kamiar Maleki and Claudia
Schachenmann, with Tim Schneider

“Selling Art Online: Are Galleries Prepared?”
Olivia Mull and Elena Soboleva, with Jane Morris

“God Is Dead, and so Is Art, the Art Business and Mid-Level”
Kenny Schachter

“Buying Time: The Market for Video Art and Moving Image”
Haro Cumbusyan and Miguel Ángel Sánchez, with Carolina Ciuti

“Are Professional Sports the Role Model Galleries Need?”
Tim Schneider

“The Art Market: How It Is Shaped and Challenged”
Allan Schwartzman, in conversation with Melanie Gerlis

“Rethinking Business Models for Galleries”
Joost Bosland, Matt Carey-Williams and Greg Hilty, with Andrew

“Going Green: Can Galleries Contribute to Climate Change?”
Laura Pando Martínez, interviewed by Llucià Homs

“New Online Trends for Galleries to Implement in 2020”
Jal Hamad and Sofie Van de Velde, with Alexander Forbes

“The Market for Middle Eastern Art”
Mai Eldib, Vilma Jurkute and Sunny Rahbar, with Till Fellrath


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