Kees Visser-Low-A mejorar

Leaving his native Holland where he worked in a vein oscillating between abstraction and Fluxus in the mid-1970s, Kees Visser moved to Iceland where he lived for nearly twenty years in contact with a nature that will deeply mark his work , but also with an incredibly cosmopolitan artistic scene where artists such as Dieter Roth, Richard Serra, Roni Horn, Hrein Fridffinson, Richard Long, and others crossed each other. At the same time methodical and intuitive, conceptual and visual, minimalist and sensitive, his work on the space of color marks his belonging to this generation of artists who, like John Armleder, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Allan Charlton, Or Adrian Schiess, had to manage in the 1980s the post-modernist legacy.

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