Sílvia Dauder

Founder and Director of ProjecteSD, a Barcelona based gallery that opened in 2003. Despite its short career, ProjecteSD has already been recognised as representing a new galley concept within the Spanish contemporary art gallery scene. Its consistent programme and its appropriate selection of national and international artists (which is not solely based on commercial concerns, but always goes a step ahead of the market, trends and demands), as well as its personal outlook, have contributed towards the gallery’s notoriety and uniqueness, which has helped it to actively participate in the most prestigious art fairs in the world. Together with the gallery exhibition programme, ProjecteSD pays special attention to publishing and distributing artists’ books. Currently the gallery represents the following artists: Iñaki Bonillas, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Guillaume Leblon, Jochen Lempert, Matt Mullican, Marc Nagtzaam, Peter Piller, Pieter Vermeersch y Christoph Weber, Patricia Dauder, Raimond Chaves, Dora García, Asier Mendizabal y Xavier Ribas.

Debate: ‘How to Build a Consistent Gallery Programme’, with Jocelyn Wolff, Matthias von Stenglin and Gigiotto Del Vecchio. Tuesday, 3 November 2015, 12.00h


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