Dora García

Dora García reflects on the parameters and conventions governing the presentation of art, on the question of time (real and fictional) and on the boundaries between representation and reality. Through her work the artist presents reality as multiple and questionable and explores the relationship between the artist, the work, and the public. She acts like a cinema director who tells stories (or simply selects them), unchains a situation, situates us in a scenario or makes us participants in a game the rules of which are very similar to reality and for this very fact allow us to question it. Her work, conceptual in nature, consists of text, photographs, and installations restricted to a specific location. She often draws on participation and performance. Through minimal changes, the exhibition space is converted into a different experience for each visitor, who leaves it with his or her perceptions altered, or at least with a degree of scepticism and doubt.

© Photo: Miguel Balbuena
Courtesy Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco

Debate: ‘Important Considerations of the Artist/Gallerist Relationship’, with Elizabeth Dee and Lisa Ruyter. Monday, 2 November 2015, 15.30h

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